Taran Consulting

Taran Consulting is an agency specializing in supporting the transformations of public and private organizations and territories through innovation and digital, created in March 2015. Taran Consulting supports territories and its actors in their digital and ecological transformation by providing expertise, strategic advice, assistance in piloting complex operational projects, and even assistance with project management. 
Its clients are public authorities (European institutions, State, regions, municipalities, etc) and their associated organizations (development agencies, etc.), large groups, SMEs, universities, training and research organizations, chambers of commerce, innovation players (clusters, etc.), in France and abroad.
Taran Consulting has recently developed its expertise in Belgium, Israel, North-Western Balkans (Croatia, Kossovo, Northern Macedonia, Albany) and other European countries.
Website: http://www.taranconsulting.co/ 
Email: sdaudu@taranconsulting.co 


In ATERMON, we strive to be at the forefront of Applied Research in emerging technologies and tools, while we constantly experiment with innovative e-solutions for disseminating knowledge. The team consists of highly qualified professionals in instructional design, technical consulting, web design & development, content authoring and digital marketing. Our mission is to conceptualize and design ICT-enabled solutions for E&T based on gamification models. Our values serve the concepts of Open & Inclusive Education and Personalised Learning in a business context which will not impose limitations in terms of quality and efficiency.
Website: https://atermon.nl/
Email: info@atermon.nl

University of Patras

The University of Patras (UPAT) was founded in the city of Patras in 1964 and it began functioning in the Academic year 1966-67. Nowadays, it is the third largest University in Greece in terms of students, faculty members, administrative personnel, number of departments and degrees awarded. Since its early days, the major aim has been effective interaction with the European and International Environment. In 1996, the Senate of the University of Patras approved a European Statement Policy. UPAT has a great number of research, teaching and training links that support opportunities for creating successful collaboration with Institutions and Research Centers around the world. More than 400 agreements in 55 countries offer choices to strengthen mobility activities for Education, Training, Youth and Sports within the Erasmus+ Program by providing links between academic life and employability, by enhancing innovation and excellence in a campus which is international, vibrant and varied according to the principles of Internationalization. Within the framework of the internationalization strategy, the UPAT has conducted a number of Bilateral and Cooperation Agreements with prestigious universities and research institutions abroad in order to enhance academic quality and increase worldwide recognition.
Website:  https://www.upatras.gr/en/
Email: info@upatras.gr  


EKVASIS is an innovative consulting/ VET company founded in Germany, aiming to empower organisations and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) to increase their turn-over through the effective use of emerging technologies. To that end, EKVASIS helps its customers to materialise digitisation through new business processes, models, and training. Our focal points are Digital Solutions, Funding Opportunities, Coaching, Training and Consulting. The organisation has helped a wide variety of customers to increase their digital and soft skills, not only to enable them to gain accessibility to the labour market, but to help them excel in crisis management and negotiation tactics, as well. The organisation has established a collaborative network of training organisations and stakeholders at both national and international level. The team consists of motivated and highly qualified professionals in IT solutions and project management working with focus groups.
Website: https://www.ekvasis.online/
Email: info@ekvasis.online

Emphasys Centre  

‘Emphasys Centre’ was established in 1998 and is operating as a highly successful ‘Education, ICT Training (VET) and Research Centre, approved by the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth. It was set up with the vision to offer high-quality lifelong learning opportunities in the field of ICT to learners of all ages in order to upgrade their lives, and ensure inclusion, access and participation in the digitalized economy.Having in mind that ‘education is the most powerful weapon to save the world’ (Nelson Mandela), Emphasys is committed to supporting each learner to exploit his/her potential in reaching out to succeed in life.Emphasys comprises of four main directorates:Education DirectorateICT Training Directorate (Including the STEAM UNIT, ONE STOP DIGITAL SUPPORT CENTRE, and the European Training UNIT)Research DirectorateSoftware Development Directorate
Website: www.emphasyscentre.com
Contact: Athos Charalambides, Director
Email: info@emphasyscentre.com 


DigiCULT is a start-up organization, active in the areas of cultural heritage and cultural tourism taking initiatives that aim to safeguard cultural heritage and activate people towards the establishment of heritage and the transmission of culture to next generations. To that end, DigiCULT is focused on the use of ICT solutions and innovative digital tools aiming to enhance the relationship between tangible/intangible cultural heritage and education. The company was established with the mission to propel the educational potential of digital cultural heritage and improve individuals’ understanding in this area, by providing hands-on and experiential learning opportunities. With the promotion and establishment of culture and cultural heritage as our focal point, we design and develop digital tools taking into consideration the end users’ needs, always with the provision to create high-quality experiences.
Website: https://www.digicult.team/
Email: info@digicult.team